It may be too late to give you the birds and the bees talk. You’ve come this far, you don’t need "the talk" again. How everyone learned about sex may vary, however the one thing that you probably didn’t learn about was sex and getting older. Things change. You may find yourself not being able to do the things you did when you were younger and just accepting that this is life now. The problem is that most people believe that sex=intercourse and the primary reason to have sex is for reproduction. That idea gives no room for older adult sexuality. 



Most older adults enjoy sex more because they don’t have the fear of pregnancy lurking in the back of their heads. Also you may have more time now and less stress, which can increase your desire for sex. If you believe sex only equals intercourse you may be setting yourself up for disappointment down the road and missing out on very enjoyable sexual activities. 

Birds and the Bees

It is common for men’s erections to change after 50 and it doesn’t mean erectile dysfunction. Men start believing that it's a sign of dysfunction and then anxiety hits and no erection. With women a decrease in lubrication is common. With both there may be a decrease in sexual frequency and possibly a decrease in desire. However, if you take out intercourse as the only goal, you can get more creative with your sex life and not have so much anxiety surrounding it. Try massaging each other, kissing, using sex toys or watching an erotic film together. You can redefine your sexuality at anytime. Don’t worry about what's normal or not. Remember the only thing normal is the cycle on your washing machine!