A reality that many face as they age is some form of physical limitation. It might not be anything major, but it could be that you feel more aches and pains after gardening the next day than you did before. Of course there are the 70-90 year olds who are extremely strong and athletic.  There was even a 100 year old that completed a marathon, but obviously that isn't a realistic goal for everyone.

It is important at any age to push yourself, but it is also important to know your limits. Your physical capacity at age 30 may be very different when you’re 65 and beyond. There is no need to need to baby yourself once you hit a certain age and “throw in the towel.” You are capable of much more than you believe. Plus, there are so many benefits of exercise, such as Alzheimers prevention, it’s good for your heart, it’s good for mental health, it's good for weight management, the list goes on and on.


The key to a good exercise program is to know your limits and also know when to push yourself. Don't sign up for a marathon if you haven’t properly trained. A person shouldn't throw themselves into any exercise program, your body may not be ready for it. If you’re new to exercise, it may be good to visit your doctor and have a full work up before starting an exercise program. Something that is really beneficial whether you are new to exercise or have been at it for awhile is personal training. Personal training will help you target your weaknesses and make them stronger and help you with proper form to prevent injuries. Personal training can be a bit pricey, however some gyms offer small group training at the fraction of the cost of personal training. Moreover, some gyms may even offer senior discounts.


No matter what, it is important to move a little. Exercise can even make arthritis feel better.  Take a walk a few times a week, lift small weights while watching TV, or if you’re more advanced take a class at your local gym or YMCA. You will start noticing both physical and mental changes before you know it!


Importance of Exercise